Our Approach

At Pistils Landscape Design + Build, we believe that the outdoor spaces we inhabit are central to our experiences and quality of life.

Whether collaborating with a client directly, or partnering with an architect or designer, our greatest joy comes from realizing the inherent potential of a landscape.

With an abiding passion for Pacific Northwest flora, climate and geography, our team knows a successful design begins with a deep understanding of how the built can harmoniously integrate with its natural surroundings. Respecting the “genius of place” -- working with, rather than against, the unique character of each site -- informs all aspects of our design and installation work.

Our approach is highly collaborative. We actively engage with our clients, learning about their lifestyles and goals for their outdoor spaces, brainstorming together to ensure the end result is uniquely theirs. As a business, we’re committed to engaging with our clients in a way that is both ethical and honest, producing a result that is of the highest quality.

As a design-build firm, Pistils includes both innovative designers as well expert installers.

Our design team, led by a licensed landscape architect, achieves the needs of our clients in thoughtful, inventive ways. With an unmatched knowledge of natural materials and flora native to the region, our designers are well-suited to take on any project in the Pacific Northwest.

With highly skilled masons, carpenters, metalsmiths and plant specialists on-board, our installation team is fully equipped to handle all elements of landscape construction. Our project managers overlap regularly with our designers, which assures that the nuances developed during the design are realized during installation.

Founded in 2001 alongside our sister business, Pistils Nursery, our projects range from small urban residences to expansive rural landscapes, as well as select commercial sites. While design-build is our primary focus, we also welcome design-only and installation-only projects.

Pistils Landscape Design is committed to ethical and non-discriminatory hiring, and we believe every member of our staff, from landscape architects to installers, deserves a living wage. In all of our projects, we consider our environmental impact, striving to make decisions that put sustainability first.

Behind each of our designs and installations is a passion to creatively explore the graceful interchange of form, habitable space and the natural world.

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Glenn Nardelli

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As a founding principal of Pistils Landscape Design, Glenn has an abiding passion for creating original outdoor spaces that are inspiring, functional and exceptionally responsive to the client's vision. With an emphasis on collaboration, Glenn is fully engaged with clients, designers and installers from conception to completion of every project. While a "design geek" at-heart, Glenn's greatest source of joy comes from transforming clients' landscapes to improve their quality of life. Whether it's manifesting new outdoor spaces where clients will form memories with families and friends or providing enhanced opportunities to engage with the natural world, he's all-in.

mégan Twilegar

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Raised in Boise, Idaho, Mégan grew-up riding horses on the stunning wilderness trails of the Pacific Northwest, continually inspired and enamored by the wonders of nature all around her. Ever-since, her professional life has been devoted to finding creative ways to share her profound appreciation for the natural world with others. As a founding principal at Pistils Landscape Design, Mégan lends her decades of professional experience in the world of horticulture – nursery owner, propagator and all-around plant guru – as well as her impeccable insights on all-things landscape design to every project we take-on.

Mikiel Deguara, ASLA, PLA
Landscape Architect

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Mikiel’s passion for landscape architecture grew from his desire to improve the quality of the urban jungle. He embraces the notion that urban living should be a self-sustaining and nurturing environment for culture and community, while also respectful to the natural landscape. Mikiel is a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Oregon and brings over 10+ years of design experience to Pistils Landscape Design. In addition to his love of design, Mikiel is steadfast to his commitment of improving the quality of clients' lives through landscape architecture. The most satisfying part of his job is collaborating directly with clients to accomplish their landscape goals. 


Francisco Gallegos
Assistant Designer

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Francisco’s design philosophy stems from his understanding that as our communities develop, our relationship with the natural environment is continuously stretched. He believes that a successful garden design is one that promotes diversity, creates order and visual harmony, and is simultaneously educational. 

Jesse Waldman
Brand Development

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Jesse joined the Pistils Nursery team in the summer of ’13. In house photographer, web developer and social media guru, Jesse splits his time between Pistils Landscape Design and Pistils Nursery. When not photographing and writing about plants, you can find him playing classical piano, working in his garden, or cooking a lavish meal.

Stephanie turner
office Administrator

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Stephanie joined the Pistils family in the fall of 2013 and has a passion for numbers and keeping things organized. When not at Pistils you can find Stephanie with her husband and two boys at their home in North Portland or taking pictures with her Nikon camera.


Mark Stevens
Plantsman, Field Manager

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For years, Mark has been working in the plant realm. His early horticulture experience spanned from greenhouse production to various nurseryman roles. Currently, as a project manager and designer, he is fortunate to bridge the Pistils design team and install crews, working to inform each perspective of the horticulture-related nuances.  

David Stuart
Project Manager

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David's love for art and nature led him to study landscape architecture at Purdue University. Now, with over 9 years of experience in the landscape design industry in all aspects of the field, he is motivated by his desire to shape the built environment into enjoyable spaces that are also sensitive to local ecology. 

Darrin Craig

Lead Contractor

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Darrin has been collaborating with Pistils Landscape Design since its inception over a decade ago. As our lead contractor, Darrin and his crew manage our stone masonry and other elements of our installation projects. When not at work on a project, you might find him performing on his guitar with one of mutliple bands around town.